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Welcome to Balancing Active.  I’m Tessa, and I love trying to be good at a lot of things at once.  The point of this blog is to share ideas to more successfully do all these said things.


It’s taken me a while, but I’ve finally figured out what’s most important to me in life.  Close, genuine relationships.  Food, cooking, and some wine thrown in for good measure.  Bettering myself.  Exercise, more for staying happy than staying skinny.  Being healthy—centered around eating right and living naturally.


Sounds simple, but I still find myself struggling to balance it all sometimes.  After all, no matter how much of a hippie, idealist thinker I become, I’ve all but removed myself from mainstream city life.  Also, as I said, it’s in my nature to pursue everything I do 100% or not at all, which can leave me overwhelmed, if unnecessarily.


I blog about a range of topics, and I try to focus on issues relevant to a well balanced, healthy lifestyle.  Sometimes I go a little off topic, or, more accurately, get really excited about a specific topic.  Like cooking.  Cooking and nutrition are a huge passion of mine, so I tend to go there a lot.  Despite appearances, this is not technically a food blog, but I would literally spend the entire day creating menus, reading recipes, and cooking up a storm if I could.


Which brings me to an interesting point—I’m attempting to do just that.  After six years as a “practicing” CPA, first in public accounting, then in financial services, I’ve thrown in the towel and will start the journey of simultaneously earning a living and doing the activity I love.  So there will be plenty of posts about that, too!  I don’t expect it to be easy, and I’m sure there will be even more to balance now.


If you’re looking for specifics about me, here are the vitals.  I’m 28.  I live an hour from NYC in Stamford, Connecticut, and I’m still figuring out east coast life after inhabiting Minneapolis suburbs for a quarter century.  I miss free parking and Target everywhere and Minnesota nice and sidewalks wider than 8.2 inches and Noodles & Co.  I’m exploring a diet which is mostly gluten free, sometimes vegetarian, and not afraid of fat.  I’m obsessed with pugs but have never had a dog.  My favorite thing to cook is any one-dish meal (Midwest forever).  I change my hair often.  It’s a hard decision, but my favorite foods are donuts and potatoes in any form.  I hate fruit in savory dishes, with rare exceptions.  The only items legitimately on my bucket list are running an ultramarathon and seeing U2 live.  I don’t do well on long flights.


Any other questions, feel free to ask!


Please direct any business inquiries to tessa@naturalcomfortkitchen.com.  This site is and will remain my personal blog, not intended for self-promotion, but I’d be more than happy to respond to any and all business and cooking inquiries via email.


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