Dinner for a Week

I’m sick of going to the grocery store every other day.  After ten hours at the office, working out, then still having a to-do list and social life—I ain’t got time for that…stuff.


I handpicked the recipes and tested the weekly dinner plans in real life with a full time job and full plate of other responsibilities, and they include everything from the grocery list to the recipes to links to helpful video demos of tricky techniques to my review and comments on the meal.  Essentially, it’s the dinner planning tool that I wish existed but haven’t found yet.


To access all info for a particular weekly meal plan (not just the grocery list and recipe links), click on the week number or “All the Details”.


About the Grocery List

All the grocery lists are linked to a doc created directly in Google sheets, which allows a lot of flexibility in how you use it.


  • Print it at home or pull it up on your phone at the store.
  • Follow the setup of most grocery stores by working through the list in order.
  • See which items will become “pantry staples” that you don’t need to buy again and again.
  • See substitutions and ingredient notes on the spot.
  • Use the “no frills” version included as a separate tab to skip notes and substitutions, and get everything you need to follow the plan exactly for the week, without having to delete or hide parts of the list yourself.
  • Only use certain meals and/or sub some of your own.  The dinner for each ingredient is shown on the list so it’s easy to see what isn’t needed, and there are extra lines for your ingredients.
  • Export the sheet to Excel if you need extensive editing, like adding lots of rows, changing print settings, recalculating quantities, etc.
  • Save to your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive, or elsewhere for future use.
Week No. 5:  Gluten-Free for Two

Warm mung bean saladItalian beans and broc w sausageSquare beet chiliSquare cooked shrimp


Week No. 4

GCK Lemongrass Curry Week 4PW Steak Salad Week 4The Shiksa fish cakes week 4Lentil Mac Week 4Bittman Mushroom Tart Week 4


Week No. 3

Sweet potato and chorizo soupTaqueria Beef TacosCauliflower PastaDeep dish pizza



Week No. 2

IMG_2647IMG_2649 - Version 2IMG_2674 - Version 2IMG_2663 - Version 2



Week No. 1

veggie moussakasimple fish stewitalian stir frychiles rellenos


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